Two that belong together

Brush, the C-Tec inset brush, is the ideal accessory for almost all types of rubber ring mats but especially with Gum.

The depths of the honeycombed-structure increases the capability to retain dirt and moisture. The inset brush enhances these advantages to a large extent. The double-ringed brush provides a perfect cleaning result. Additionally Brush enhances rubber ring mats visually. Depending on the mat size, individual designs, such as logos, can be created.

Our modern machinery bundles the nylon fibres, immediately inserts them permanently by combining the pre-manufactured corpus with the bundles and cuts to length in one production procedure.

Gum  Brush 
Matting colour: black ■   Bristles available in 8 colours 
Special colours on request ■   Black brush corpus 
Available with or without backing ■   Easy to set in a rubber ring mat, easy removal 
Standard sizes: 39 x 59 cm, 100 x 150 cm, ■   Enhancing the cleaning effect of a rubber ring mat 
Special sizes on request ■   Individual mat designs are possible (8 colours)